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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Getting to Know Us Inside Out

Getting to know us inside out

Our Getting To Know Us Inside Out campaign will be running throughout May and our aim is to inform everybody that will listen that we do so much more than you might expect in striving to achieve our vision of making Staffordshire the safest place to be.

We have established four main themes for our Getting To Know Us Inside Out Campaign and you can explore the main themes and what they mean in the sections below.

How can I get more involved with the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service?

behind the badge Helping hands
Behind the Badge
A look at the different roles in the fire service. Find out more.
Helping Hands
How we work in partnership to make Staffordshire safer. Find out more.
Our acheivements the future
Our Achievements
What we have accomplished in the past year. Find out more.
Into the future
How the shape of the fire service is changing. Find out more.