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Training Courses Testimonials

Hear a selection of our customer testimonials.

"Fire, Fire probably the most frightening words as a Health and Safety Coordinator for a very busy hospital I will ever hear.  
So, are the staff well enough trained to cope in such a situation.  Having examined this question my honest answer had to be NO.
I had over the years tried various forms of training for staff and wardens and whilst the training was OK I still had a nagging doubt that should anything happen we would not be sufficiently prepared. I then decided to contact my local Fire and Rescue Department to see if they could help as I kept hearing the word community associated more and more with our valiant fire fighters. And what a revelation that was.  
I quickly learnt that there were a raft of courses we could undertake and the cost for these courses was amazing.
We have now undertaken FAA level 1 fire warden training/FAA level 2 award in fire safety and completed the presentation and delivery of fire safety, fire warden and fire awareness courses.
The presentation and delivery of these courses was without doubt the very best we have ever had. The courses were all delivered by a highly trained professional who had an absolute passion for his subject.   This was all done in a very clear and easily understandable way. We learnt so much.
We can now start to implement what we have learnt and start to empower our colleagues to be more 'fire safety' aware not only at work but also in their own homes. We feel a greater confidence as fire wardens and trainers."

"Excellent, Very informative, well presented"

"Enjoyable course, Paul had up to date experience to reference to the obviously had a passion for Fire Safety"

"Very interesting, learned a lot about smoke and its dangers"

"Paul is very knowledgeable! On the subject and has obviously taken great steps to retain interest to the end."

"Very informative, Best fire training course I’ve ever attended."

"The feedback we have received from each of the delegates has all been very positive and some even branded as 'the best Fire Marshall course they have attended' so thank you for that!"