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Firework Safety Advice

Follow the Fireworks Code

Fireworks burn at incredibly high temperatures

Watching fireworks is popular and fun. But fireworks are explosives and potentially dangerous, so they need careful handling and storage.

Read The Firework Code below to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night!

The Firework Code

  • Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114
  • Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks
  • Keep fireworks in a closed box
  • Follow the instructions on each firework
  • Light them at arms length, using a taper
  • Stand well back
  • Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off it could still explode
  • Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them
  • Always supervise children around fireworks
  • Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves
  • Never give sparklers to a child under five
  • Keep pets indoors
  • Don’t set off noisy fireworks late at night and never after 11pm

Did you know that a sparkler reaches a temperature of up to 2,000°C? That’s 20 times the boiling point of water!

Firework Displays

The key points for safe and successful firework displays:

  • Organisation – have a team of people each of who have a particular responsibility
  • Informing the authorities – keep the relevant authorities informed of your plans
  • Be prepared – ensure you are prepared for the evening with all safety measures, including a first aid post and fire extinguishers
  • The right location – choose a large, clear and well mown area free from obstructions
  • Safe car parking – designated car parking should be well away from your display area
  • Keeping in control – proper crowd control is essential
  • Experience counts – plan your display in advance and recruit people with previous experience of firework displays
  • Planning your bonfire – make sure it is the appropriate size for the space you have

Retailer’s Guide: Selling Fireworks

If you sell fireworks you have certain obligations to the public and your staff.

  • You must be registered or obtain a licence to store fireworks
  • Fireworks must be stored safely
  • Only over 18s are allowed to buy fireworks
  • You should display leaflets featuring the Firework Code