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Flames Aren't Games - Video


Watch the music video now!

We have teamed up with Stoke on Trent based charity the Urban Arts Centre to produce the Flames Aren't Games music video. The aim of the video is to raise awareness about the consequences of setting fires to fun.

Lyrics to Flames Aren't Games:

Sitting in my room on a Saturday afternoon

Reminiscing on times what we used to do

Good times, bad times, bore rhymes that’s true

When I lit the touch paper creating sparks f red yellow and blue

And watched as the men in blue fought the flames like kung-fu

It wasn’t until my mate’s dog got hurt that I knew

That’s the things are not right that I do…

But I had some power in a world where I had no power

And I could for the first time see the fruits of my labour

I was the creator initiator instigator yeah the all-powerful fire starter

I could turn green good in to blackness and make my work darker

And all’s I had to do was light that flame and everyone would know my name

But I lost control of the flame and spread which wasn’t my aim

I know what you’re thinking this is just an excuse

But I swear down man it’s the truth

So I took to the vocal booth and set this rhyme on the beats I produced

I want to tell the same because I’ve changed my aim

And rearranged my brain to remove the stain

I no longer seek fame through lighting the flame

Because only now I realise that flames are not games.