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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Making an application for other Information to the Authority

You can ask the Authority for information which is not already published elsewhere nor exempt under the FOIA.

Under the FOIA, members of the public have the right to ask for information to be provided in a particular way and we will try to meet their requests. They can ask for assistance if they have any difficulty in formulating or making an application by contacting the Authority's Information Governance Officer.

The Service will help you as much as possible but we are not required to look for the information you request unless we have all of the following:

• A clear and understandable request, with enough detail to locate the information.

• The name and address of the person making the request so we can respond to
the request.

• An indication about the form in which they want the information.
This will ensure that the application is dealt with without delay. 

People making requests should give as much detail as they can in order to assist us in locating the information that they require. Some documents may include exempt information, so they will only get the information that is not exempt.

You only have a right to information and not necessarily to documents.

Any fee charged will be calculated by looking at the costs directly and reasonably incurred locating the requested information and delivering it.

The person making the request will then be sent a 'fees notice' which he or she will have to pay within three months of their request - you will not receive information until you have paid the costs in the fees notice.

If the estimated cost of providing the information would be above the appropriate limit set by the government (currently £450), the Authority will not be under a duty to provide the information. However, the Authority will inform them if the limit will be exceeded and will try to let him or her know what can be provided within the limit. Despite not being obliged to provide information which exceeds the limit, the Authority will still be under a duty to advise and assist.

In order to protect the Authority, there are rules that govern multiple applications for information requests which are clearly trying to avoid the financial limits set by the government. However, the Authority will try to help the public as much as possible to get the information requested.

You can also apply for a copy of the personal data we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998 - that is information relating to an applicant that has arisen through their employment with the Authority or information obtained about an individual through the Authority's statutory functions. There is a fee of £10 and you should contact the Authority's Data Protection Officer on 01785 898570 or by e-mail to: