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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Arson Reduction

Arson is a complex and serious crime and carries the maximum punishment of a life sentence. Arson frequently results in loss of life, serious injuries, financial loss and environmental damage. Persistent minor arson also sets a strongly detrimental and visually harmful tone to deprived communities.


Staffordshire is no exception and suffers from the problems of arson. Reducing the number of deliberate fires will contribute to:

• Making the communities of Staffordshire the safest place to be
• Improving community cohesion
• Reducing fire deaths, injuries and financial losses
• Sustaining the environment.
• Strengthen partnership work enabling more effective/efficient arson reduction services.

The Department of Communities and Local Government set targets for Fire and Rescue Service’s to reduce arson by 10% by 31st March 2010 from the 2001/2 baseline

Arson Reduction in England in 2008

• Deliberate primary* fires totalled 43,000, down 16% from the previous 12 months.
• Deliberate primary road vehicle fires fell by 16% – down to 25,000.
• Deliberate secondary* fires fell by 22% to 106,000

Source: Fire Statistics monitor 04/09

*Primary fires include all fires in buildings, vehicles and outdoor structures or any fires involving casualties or rescues or fires attended by five or more appliances.

*Secondary fires are the majority of outdoor fires including grassland and refuse fires unless they involve casualties or rescues, property loss or five or more appliances attend. They include fires in derelict buildings.