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Human Resources Policy Committee

Please note: The Human Resources Policy Committee and the Ethics Committee have combined to form the Human Resources and Ethics Committee with effect from June 2014.

Information regarding minutes and publication of documents from the Human Resources Policy Committee.

Date of Meeting Time of Meeting Documents
Tuesday 17th March 2015 * 2:15pm Click here
Tuesday 2nd December 2014 * 2:15pm Click here
Wednesday 3rd September 2014 * 2:15pm Click here
Friday 27th June 2014 * 10:30am Click here
Monday 24th March 2014 * 2:15pm Click here
Wednesday 4th December 2013 * 2:15pm Click here
Wednesday 4th September 2013 * 10:30am Click here
Tuesday 25th June 2013 * 2:15pm Click here
Monday 18th March 2013 * 2:15pm Click here
Wednesday 5th December 2012 * 2:15pm Click here
Tuesday 4th September 2012 * 10:30am Click here
Monday 18th June 2012 * 2:15pm Click here
Thursday 15th March 2012 * 2:15pm Click here
Thursday 3rd November 2011 * 2:15pm Click here
Monday 5th September 2011 * 2:15pm Click here
Monday 20th June 2011 2:15pm Click here
Thursday 17th March 2011 2:15pm Click here
Wednesday 3rd November 2010 10.30am Click here
Monday 6th September 2010 2.15pm Click here
Tuesday 22nd June 2010 2.15pm Click here
Wednesday 17th March 2010 2.15pm Click here
Monday 9th November 2009 2.15pm Click here

* Meeting is open to public and is held at Pirehill unless stated otherwise