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Disabled Woman Re-housed After Fire

A disabled woman is now living with relatives after a fire at her Burslem home left the property uninhabitable.

Two appliances with ten firefighters were deployed to the blaze, which broke out in a garage attached to the semi-detached home in Southborough Crescent, at 12.48am today.

"This incident shows how very important it is that unsupervised electrical items are switched off and plugs removed from sockets."

David Steele, Blue Watch Manager, Burslem Fire Station

Two sets of breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet were used to tackle the fire.

Blue Watch Manager at Burslem, David Steele, said: "The fire was accidental, the woman’s disabled scooter had been left plugged into a double socket in the garage to charge overnight."

Also plugged into the same socket was an electric paint stripper. The two items had been left in the middle of a stack of cardboard boxes and rubbish.

"The socket overheated and everything around it began to go up in flames. It also began to burn electrical wiring connected to the property’s kitchen extension."

As a result of the fire the property’s electricity supply completely burned out, leaving the house with no power.

The property’s smoke alarm was not working but smoke from the fire triggered the alarm at the house next door.

Following the fire the house, having suffered extensive structural damage, had to be ventilated.

At the scene, the 50-year-old woman, and a 30-year-old female neighbour, were treated with oxygen therapy for the effects of smoke inhalation.

The disabled woman, her husband and son, are now staying with relatives while work is carried out to repair damaged electrical wiring at their home.