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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Students In Fire Drama

Firefighters were called to deal with a blaze at Stafford University Halls of Residence less than a week before an event which will see them speaking to students about fire safety.

Two appliances from Stafford were sent to Eccleshall House on Weston Road at 10.21pm on Saturday after fire broke out in a kitchen.

"Leave it to the experts and don’t risk getting hurt."

Andrea Johnson, Crew Manager

Investigation at the scene discovered ignition was accidental caused when a sheet, being used by students for filming, fell onto some spotlights.

Crew Manager, Andrea Johnson, said: "It was an incident that could have happened anywhere and it just happened to be in the kitchen.

"One of the students tried to extinguish the blaze himself and ended up burning his hand.

"In such a situation people should the shut the door behind them, leave the premises and alert the fire service straight away. Leave it to the experts and don’t risk getting hurt."

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and using one hose reel jet extinguished the blaze.

The male casualty who suffered a burnt hand had tried to extinguish the fire with a dry powder extinguisher. He was treated at the scene by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for minor smoke inhalation. As a precaution he was taken by ambulance to Stafford General Hospital but later released.

Crews treated a second person at the scene with oxygen therapy while a third adult suffered breathing difficulties brought on by asthma as a result of the fire.

Watch Manager, Gary Fox, said: "Blue Watch Stafford has, as part of the Communities and Local Government funded Student Brand Ambassador Campaign, organised a Safety Day at Stafford Court campus on Friday, December 4th.

"During the event we will be speaking with both students and university staff to raise awareness of both fire safety and road safety issues.

"I am sure our attendance there on Saturday will be discussed."