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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Sheriff's Historic Station Visit

The High Sheriff of Staffordshire had to cut his wife free from the wreckage of a smashed car - at the request of Stafford firefighters!

The role-play exercise was carried out during an historic trip to the Beaconside facility, the first time a High Sheriff has ever visited the station.

"It’s all the work Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service does beyond fighting fires which has impressed me so much."

Richard Haszard, High Sheriff of Staffordshire

Mr Richard Haszard has praised the Service for its professionalism and outstanding commitment to the community.

During his visit he was elevated 100ft into the air on the aerial ladder platform. He and his wife were then ‘rescued’ by firefighters, the pair abseiling back down to the ground.

Assistant Area Commander for Stafford, Keith Murray, said: "He had an amazing time, rescuing his wife from the car was something he won’t forget!

"It is the first time the High Sheriff of Staffordshire has ever visited Stafford Fire Station.

"And following a buffet lunch and a chat with firefighters he enjoyed a tour of Fire and Rescue Service headquarters in Pirehill.

"The visit was arranged to raise awareness of the work we do with the community, particularly with our student firefighters.

"It was an opportunity for us to demonstrate what highly skilled personnel we have at Stafford Fire Station and how those skills are employed."

High Sheriff of Staffordshire, Richard Haszard, said: "I have been High Sheriff for eight months and this was the most enjoyable experience I am likely to have.

"It demonstrated the huge variety of things firefighters do, it was a very enlightening day.

"It's all the work Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service does beyond fighting fires which has impressed me so much.

"It plays a huge part in the local community and firefighters always demonstrate a great professionalism in an emergency."

Richard's wife Sarah added: "It was the most amazing day and showed us both how much the fire and rescue service does.

"We got a real insight into how firefighters risk their own lives every day to save the lives of others."