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Fire Support

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The consortium (group of several companies) appointed to build the new community fire stations is called Fire Support.

Fire Support is a consortium led by Bilfinger Berger Project Investments. Companies that make up the consortium include; Nord/LB, 3D Reid, Clancy Consulting, GroundworkStepnell, Thomas Vale, and Cofely.

About Fire Support

Fire Support has been established by Bilfinger Berger Project Investments to partner with Fire Authorities across the UK to design, construct, finance and maintain 21st Century, community fire stations. Recognising the central role that the fire service plays within communities, Fire Support works with local companies to ensure that projects benefit the local area to the fullest possible extent.

Values, Ethos and Commitment to Sustainability

Fire Support’s values, ethos and commitment to sustainability are clearly demonstrated in the community fire stations project for Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Authority – modern community stations and dynamic architecture representing a readiness to respond. Light airy entrances invite the local community to enter and enjoy the stations whether it be for a locally organised event or perhaps simply to chat with a firefighter to arrange a home safety check. Once inside a station, you can really appreciate the significant time spent by the Fire Support team in developing a flexible building which welcomes visitors into the working heart of the station, whilst still allowing firefighters to go about their day to day work.

For this project, Fire Support is using two local Midlands based contractors, Thomas Vale and Stepnell Construction. Ongoing maintenance and facility management will be provided through a pool of locally based mobile engineers from Cofely Ltd.

Community Engagement

The extensive community facilities within Fire Support stations allow the Fire Service to engage and promote community safety in a host of new ways. Indeed, Fire Support is pioneering a new initiative with Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Authority which brings together the combined experience, resources and expertise of Bilfinger Berger, the Fire Authority and the local office of Groundwork Trust to develop a wide ranging community interest agenda, placing safety at its very heart.