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Firefighters Rescue Dog from Lake

Firefighters were called to an incident on Westport Lake on Davenport Street in Longport, Burslem at 12pm this afternoon.

Crews from Burslem and Newcastle, including the water rescue unit, attended the incident which involved a dog, weighing approximately 60 lbs, which was stranded in the lake.

"When we arrived at the scene it was clear the dog was becoming somewhat fatigued due to the cold temperature of the water. After taking the necessary precautions our water rescue team entered the water wearing dry suits and swam out to the dog who was approximately 30 metres from the water edge. The dog was then quickly reunited with its owner and taken to the vets for precautionary checks."

Station Manager, Rob Barber

Rob continued, "We’d urge people to ensure they keep pet dogs on a lead and under control as we’ve seen a number of incidents involving dogs falling through the ice and in some case they have died as a result.

If you see someone, or a pet, fall through the ice and get into difficulty never try and rescue them yourself instead ring 999 and ask for the Fire Service immediately."