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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Cooking Warning after Kitchen Fires

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging members of the public to be more vigilant at the cooker after attending kitchen fires in Newcastle and Burton this weekend.

"More than half of accidental fires at home are started by cooking. Many kitchen fires happen when people are not paying attention or when they leave things unattended as these incidents highlight."

Group Manager, Tim Hyde

The first call was received at 5.15pm on Saturday afternoon and involved a chip pan which had been left unattended at a flat on Tyne Way in Clayton.

Crews from Newcastle and Hanley were called to the incident. After forcing their way inside of the property, firefighters led one female out of the property and extinguished the fire using a hose reel jet. Paramedics were also called to the incident to treat one male and one female who were suffering from smoke inhalation. One female was transported to hospital via land ambulance.

The second call was received at 5.25am on Sunday morning reporting a fire on Henderley Court on Shobnall Road in Burton.

Two crews Burton were called to the incident which involved a small fire in the kitchen area of the property. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jet to extinguish the fire which was caused due to cooking materials which had been left unattended on the cooker.

Tim continued, "We would urge people to swap their chip pans to deep fat fryers as they are thermostat controlled and therefore do not over heat and ignite."

"There is also an increased risk of accidental fires occurring in the early hours of the morning caused by people returning from a night out and deciding to make something to eat. This is something we really wouldn’t advise as it’s so easy to fall asleep or become distracted. Instead we would advise people to have something prepared before they go out to save them cooking late at night."