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Burton Firefighters Tackle Mobile Phone Abusers

Burton firefighters are urging people to NEVER use their mobile phones when they are behind the wheel.

Blue watch firefighters are determined to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads, through there don’t drive and use your mobile initiative. Throughout February the team are carrying out various proactive activities in an attempt to highlight the dangers of people becoming distracted in their cars by using mobile phones when driving.

So far firefighters have already visited mobile phone retailers in the local area to deliver leaflets on the subject which will be handed out with every new phone purchase. Information about how people can book their home fire risk checks, if they haven’t had one already, will be given out with these leaflets also.

"Due to the nature of our job roles we attend numerous road traffic collisions each week, which bring to light what can happen if people are careless behind the wheel. Many road users are in fact killed every year in road traffic collisions which are caused by drivers who use their phones at the wheel and we are determined to stop this happening on our local roads."

Andy Oakley, Burton Watch Manager

Drivers should also be aware that using mobile phones when driving is illegal and those that are caught using the phones when driving they will be given three fixed penalty points and a £60 fine. We would urge drivers to consider the below tips to help keep them safe."

  • Only use your phone when you have stopped in a safe place.
  • Try and use voice mail and messaging service so that you can pick up the call later.
  • The best advice is to switch off your phone before you drive.


For further information on mobile phones legislation visit