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Incensed at Incense

Fire fighter holding incense sticks
Crew Manager Glynn Riley parades the offending incense sticks

Lichfield firefighters are urging people to beware of using incense sticks following a house fire which was triggered by one.

Members of Red Watch attended the accidental blaze at a property in Tamworth Street.

"The very nature of incense sticks make them a fire risk."

Carmel Waren, Watch Manager

An incense stick, burning faster than normal, had set fire to its wooden holder.

The occupier was alerted to the blaze by his smoke alarm and telephoned the emergency services.

Risk Reduction Manager, Carmel Warren, said: "Incense sticks, or Joss sticks, should always be used with care and should never be left unattended or be placed close to flammable materials.

"In this incident the occupier told firefighters the packet of sticks had all burned, unusually, rapidly.

"We would urge everyone to be very careful when using incense sticks. The very nature of incense sticks make them a fire risk and, like candles, if they have to be used they should be handled responsibly and safely, kept away from other items and materials."