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Family from Rugeley are saved by Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms fitted by Rugeley firefighters have potentially saved the lives of a family of four and their five Labradors at an incident last night in Western Springs, Rugeley. 

Two crews from Rugeley and Cannock were called to the property on Arden Close, at 9.10pm last night, after receiving reports of a kitchen fire. Upon arrival firefighters found the fire was already out, however the property was smoke logged. The family of four were all suffering from smoke inhalation and were treated at the scene by paramedics. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the house where they ventilated the property.

The incident, which caused smoke damage throughout, is believed to have been caused accidentally due to a grill pan which had been left on and ignited fat collected in the grill pan tray.

"The family were alerted to this incident by smoke alarms which were fitted during a home fire risk check on Christmas Eve. Co-incidentally the same firefighters that fitted the smoke alarms were sent to the incident last night. The family were so grateful and there were hugs all round!"

Station Manager, Alan Bateman

Alan continued, "As this incident highlights it is so easy for a fire to start without you even realising. Smoke alarms allow those extra crucial minutes for you and your family to get out safely - they really are life savers and we can fit them for you for free. It’s times like these that are so rewarding - knowing that a smoke alarm we fitted has potentially saved the lives of a family and their pets."

Mum of two, Sharon Mason who was in the property at the time of the fire said:  "The crews that visited me and my family on Christmas Eve have without a doubt saved our lives. I booked my home risk check with two firefighters who were promoting the service outside of Alfgar Surgery. Within days they had been and visited me, even coming out on Christmas Eve to fit my alarms.

"I would urge anyone who hasn’t got smoke alarms to contact the fire service as soon as possible, who knows what would have happened if we were not alerted so quickly."

Crews left the incident at 10.10pm.