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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Update on Fire at St Georges Hospital

Investigations into a fire at the disused St Georges Hospital in Stafford have confirmed that the fire was started deliberately.


“There is evidence to suggest that the building has been occupied by rough sleepers – so the person responsible for starting this fire not only put their own life at risk they potentially put the lives of other people at risk too. “

The fire started in the early hours of Saturday morning and at the height of the incident there were eight fire engines along with a water carrier and two aerial ladder platforms. The fire caused considerable damage to a 30 metre tall tower and an annexe, approximately 30 metres by 80 metres in size.

Station Manager, Stan Cooper said: “An accidental cause has been ruled out because all possible ignition sources within the building have been removed, as it was due to be refurbished and is no longer in use."

A structural engineer has visited the premises this morning and has deemed the affected part of the building unsafe.

One fire crew has remained at the scene today, damping down remaining hotspots. Responsibility for the site is expected to be handed back over to the building’s security team later this evening. However fire crews will carry out a further re-inspection tomorrow morning.