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Winter Safety

snow in fields

Winter is a lovely time of year but it can also prove to be a dangerous time for some and a busy time for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Staying warm in the home safely is very important, as is driving safely in the ice and snow. We also want you to celebrate safely during the festive period and stay safe around frozen bodies of water. Winter can be particularly tough for older people so please check on elderly neighbours, friends and relatives.

Follow the links below for more information about how to make your winter a safe and happy one.

winter home safety Blue Monday
Winter Home Safety
Stay safe whilst staying warm this winter. Find out more.
Older People's Campaign
The elderly are most at risk during the winter months. Over the last three years there have been 18 fire deaths involving elderly people. Find out more.
Celebrate safely this Christmas
Driving safely in the Winter
Winter can bring with it adverse weather conditions. Make sure you drive safely. Find out more.
Celebrate safely
We all have lots to celebrate over the winter, make sure you stay safe by following our advice. Find out more.
Frozen waters preparing for winter
Frozen Waters
When the temperature drops, frozen waters around Staffordshire may seem like a great place to have fun, but they can be deadly! Find out more.
Preparing for Winter
Information about school closures, bin collections and treatment of roads. Find out more.