In an emergency call 999

For non-ermergency call 0300 330 1000

Safe and Well

From February 2018 onwards the Service will have in place a more targeted approach to the delivery of Safe and Well. This approach is based on the idea that the work we carry out needs to be proportionate to the individual needs of the communities we serve.

This will mean that not everyone will be eligible for a Safe and Well visit but those that are not eligible will be provided with information via our website and printed materials through the post. It is vital that we continue to support the most vulnerable members of our communities and the Safe and Well offering will not be affected for those people.

Get in touch

For Safe and Well advice and guidance contact the Community Advice Team on 0800 0241 999.

Residents who are deaf or hard of hearing can text a request or enquiry to the following telephone number - 07528 983 101.

We also have a dedicated phone-line in to the Community Advice Team for Olive Branch Partners to make referrals - 0300 3300 200.

Who will receive a safe and well visit?

  • Those who have had a fire and the surrounding properties
  • Couples or single occupiers who are 85-years-old or over
  • Single occupiers ages 65 or over
  • Single occupiers, aged 50-64, who are smokers or alcohol dependent
  • Single parents
  • Couples with young children
  • Anyone with alcohol dependency
  • Anyone whose property is at immediate risk of arson
  • People with poor mobility

Safe and Well advice and guidance

Members of our communities who will not receive a visit and do not have web access will be sent a personalised pack which will include the Fire Safety in the Home booklet and other relevant literature.

Finally, after the targeted approach to Safe and Well takes effect, there will be a live chat feature which will be accessible to all members of our communities as a quick and easy way of receiving Safe and Well advice.

Stay safe in your home with our top fire safety tips

  • Install working smoke alarms on every floor of your home - 10 year sealed battery smoke alarms are the best option and look out for the British Standard Kitemark - make sure you test the alarm every week.
  • Check to see if the oven, hob and grill are clean - a build up of fat and grease can cause fire.
  • Ensure plug sockets are not overloaded - check how many amps your extension lead or adapter will take and check that the plug sockets don’t go above the limit.
  • Ensure all electrical appliances do not have frayed wiring - if they do, replace the appliance immediately an
  • Plan an escape route so that you can get out of your home if there was a fire
  • If you have a fire get out, stay out and call 999

More detailed safety information can be found in the downloadable Fire Safety in the Home booklet.

Issues with current alarms

Residents experiencing issues relating to current smoke alarms can contact the Sprue technical support page:

Fitting your smoke alarm

Take a look at this video for useful tips on what you need to know to help you stay safe in your home

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